This operation lists the projects that the application can access. Filters allow to return:

  • Projects which are in a given state (open, closed or both)
  • Projects from a specific Planzone
  • Projects in which a user (or the current user) is member of
  • Projects owned by a user (or owned by the current user)


GET lists the projects


xml, json

Requires Authentication (about authentication):


Requires Authorization (about authorization):

The application must have the 'read' permission granted from the Planzone.

The user must have access to the project, that is he must be a team member, or has visibility on the project.

API rate limited (about rate limiting):



planzoneYESList the projects which belong to a specific Planzone. The parameter defines a list of planzone GUID separated by a comma (,). The default is to list the projects from any Planzone that the user can access.
statusYESFilters the project on their status. Valid values are: open, close, all. The default is open.
memberYESList the projects in which a user is team member. The parameter defined the user GUID. The special GUID 'me' represents the current user.

Request Example

The following request:

GET /v1/rest/projects?status=open

lists the projects which are open and for which the user is owner.


The response contains a project XML element which describes the project.

<projects planzone="Cde83df3043"> <project id="D" status="open"> <url></url> <name>Deployment of new site</name> <description>test</description> </project> </projects>

HTTP Status Codes

200 OK Operation succeeded

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