This operation updates a project to-do or a personal to-do.


POST updates the to-do

Requires Authentication (about authentication):


Requires Authorization (about authorization):

The application must have the 'write' permission granted from the Planzone.

The user must have access to the project if it is a project to-do, that is he must be a team member and be allowed to update the to-do on the project.

API rate limited (about rate limiting):



titleYESThe toto title. The title must not be empty. The length is limited to 256 characters.
descriptionYESThe todo description.
assignYESThe list of user GUID assigned to the new todo. See syntax for GUID list for details.
dateYESThe todo due date.
priorityYESThe todo priority.

Request Example

The following request:

POST /v1/rest/todo/BGU323/update title=Write the report&assign=me

Changes the to-do title and assigns the to-do to the current user. Non provided parameters are not updated.


The response contains a todo XML element which describes the todo after the update.

<todo id="BYiI8zbUouo3" priority="normal" status="open" date="2009-02-01"> <url></url> <title>A first todo</title> <description>test</description> <assign id="AYiI8zbsosM4" status="active"> <name>John Walker</name> <email></email> </assign> </todo>

HTTP Status Codes

200 OK Operation succeeded
403 FORBIDDEN The todo cannot be updated (user is not member of the project or is not allowed to update todos on the project).
404 NOT FOUND The todo cannot be found

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