This operation lists all the todos that are assigned to the user. The result list contains the todos of all the Planzones which grant the 'read' access to the application. The todos are grouped by Planzone. If no Planzone grants this access, the result list is empty.


GET the list of user todos


xml, json

Requires Authentication (about authentication):


Requires Authorization (about authorization):

The application must have the 'read' permission granted from the Planzone.

The user must have access to the project, that is he must be a team member, or has visibility on the project.

API rate limited (about rate limiting):



Parameters exists to filter the list and return only the todos that match some conditions:

planzoneYESWhen defined, return only the todos that belong to the specified planzones. The parameter defines a list of planzone GUID separated by a comma (,).
projectYESWhen defined, return only the todos that belong to the specified projects. The parameter defines a list of project GUID separated by a comma (,).
statusYESReturn the todos whose status correspond to the specified value. Valid values are: 'open', 'closed', and 'all'. The default value is 'open'.
beforeYESReturn only the todos whose due date is before the specified date. Valid values are: 'today', 'yesterday', 'tomorrow' and 'in-XX-days'.
afterYESReturn only the todos whose due date is after the specified date. Valid values are: 'today', 'yesterday', 'tomorrow' and 'in-XX-days'.

Request Example

The following request: status=all&planzone=mypz1,mypz2

gets all the todos for the Planzone mypz1 and mypz2 and for each todo it returns the title, description, project identifier, activity identifier, the Planzone URL to access the todo and the list of assignees.


The response contains a todos XML element that contains one todo XML element for each todo. Each todos XML element indicates the Planzone to which it belongs.

<todos planzone='mypz1'> <todo id='BZXdjB79e' priority='low' date='2009-10-23' status='open'> <url></url> <title>todo title</title> <project id='TXdsd'>Project name</project> <activity id='Exdsdf'>Activity name</activity> <description>todo description</description> <assign id='1232' status='deleted'> <name>john</name> <email></email> </assign> <assign id='232' status='active' completed='2008-02-13'> <name>graham</name> <email></email> </assign> </todo> <todo id='BZXdjB79f' priority='low' date='2010-02-27' status='closed'> <url>...</url> <title>todo title</title> <description>todo description</description> <assign id='1232' name='john' status='deleted' completed='2009-02-13'> <name>john</name> <email></email> </assign> <assign id='232' status='active' completed='2010-02-27'> <name>graham</name> <email></email> </assign> </todo> </todos> <todos planzone='mypz2'> <todo id='BZXdefe' priority='high' date='2009-05-27' status='closed'> <url></url> <title>todo title</title> <project id='TXdssdd'>Project name</project> <activity id='Exdsddf'>Activity name</activity> <description>todo description</description> <assign id='23' status='inactive' complete='2009-02-13'> <name>john</name> <email></email> </assign> <assign id='24' status='active' complete='2010-02-27'> <name>graham</name> <email></email> </assign> </todo> </todos>


Some fields are always present but some others are returned only if they where specified within the 'return' parameter:

idYESA URL which allows to make a call to the todo, the project or the activity.
planzoneYESIdentification of the planzone
priorityYESThe priority of the todo (low, middle, high).
dateYESThe todo due date.
nameOptionalThe user name
statusOptionalThe status of the user: active, inactive, invited, deleted, virtual
completeOptionalIf the user completed the todo, the completion date


XML elements within a todo are optional and they are returned only if they were specified within the 'return' parameter.

urlYESThe URL to access to the todo within Planzone. This can be used to make a backlink to Planzone.
titleYESThe title of the todo.
descriptionYESThe description of the todo.
projectYESThe project API access point and the project name. The id attribute indicates the identifier to use to make operations on the project.
activityYESThe activity API access point and the activity name
assignOptionalThe user assigned to the todo, the status of that user and of his assignment

The URL to execute an operation on the todo is created from the 'planzone' attribute and the todo 'id' as follows:


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