Welcome to the Planzone Development Center (Beta)

We offer a set of API which allow third party applications to integrate with our service and access data stored in Planzone. The Planzone API and Development Center are in Beta. The number of operations available is limited and will be extended during the fall 2009.

The API provides a secure access to user's data. An application accesses the data on behalf of a user. An application using the API will need the authorization of users to access these data. The authentication and authorization process is implemented using the OAuth standard.

The API is based on open standards such as HTTP, HTTPS, REST and OAuth.

The process to use the Planzone API is the following:

Step 1: Register your application

As a developer, you must register your application in the Development Tools section. You'll obtain an application key and a secret key that identifies your application. You must not share or distribute these keys.

Registration is free. If you are new to Planzone, you have to create a Planzone, we suggest a FREE account.

Step 2: Read and understand the Planzone API

Read and learn how to use the Planzone API. Read the Getting Started document first, browse the documentation.

We provide a set of samples in the Resources section. You are encouraged to copy some code extract to write your own application.

Step 3: Write and test your application

Write your application in small increment, starting with small calls and interactions that you improve over time. Start by using the HTTP protocol and switch to HTTPS only when you are confident in using the Planzone API.

Release your application when it is fully functional. You must also honor the user data privacy, the API rate limit. We will block applications if they break user data privacy or turn to be malicious.